Callie H. (she/her)

Computer Science Major

Software Engineer Intern @Meta

Data Structure TA @MHC



From an early age I’ve wanted to pursue a career within the tech industry. Growing up with a father who was an engineer, the toy I remember most fondly is a Circuit Board.

Whilst studying college courses allows me to make connections between CS and other intrigued subjects such as gender studies, what I enjoyed the most in computing is the challenge involved in problem solving and its applicability to real-world situations.

As a problem solver who is interested in the topic of gender studies, I’ve wondering if I can use computer science and statistics to compensate for missing data on women and to mitigate gender-biased categories since high school.

Recently, with my Gender Studies foundation, I was able to research on how gender bias is highly impacting natural language processing and the improvements to enhance word-embedding techniques.


(from 2020 to 2022.7)

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    Taste Secure

    An iOS app written in swift, graphql, and mongoDB. Enjoy searching with your favorite food ingredients and try the recipe at your home!

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    Boba Online Shop

    An ecommerce website allows you to order bubble tea from home and deployed on heroku.

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    Blog My Day

    A simple but elegant blog website with Spring MVC and MySQL for database.

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    Enjoy the Pacman game with new bonus features! Eat as many food pellets as you can without getting caught by one of the ghosts to get a high score. This program is based on java GUI.

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    Sudoku Solver

    Solves a 9x9 Sudoku Maze. This program compares the performance of different algorithms used in AI, including Backtracking, Forward Checking, LCV, and MRV. (Programmed in java)

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    Personality Prediction through Text Analysis

    Using logistic regression and the combination of DBOW and DM in doc2vec, this prediction generates a MBTI personality type result via a given text. (Programmed in python)

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    Research on Gender Bias in NLP(In progress)

    The use of gendered corpora in training leads to the sexist stereotypes found in society to become ingrained within the project’s model. How to define bias? How to detect it? What approaches can we use to mitigate it?

  • 5

    Classic Cryptography

    Implements classic cryptography which is simple but efficient! The Caesar cipher shifts each letter to a specified amount; the scytale cipher wraps a long belt of characters around a logof the correct diameter. (Programmed in python)

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    Weak Password Checker

    This program identifies whether your password is a weak password or strong password. A password contains a word in our dictionary or does not include certain character will be classified as a weak password.

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